Bug - Blitzcrank Mana Barrier.

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Originally Posted by exelsis xax View Post
I have experienced this rarely as well. It seems that you must already be below 30% health for it to occur, which is why it happens so rarely.

After getting the barrior proc'd, timed out or destroyed, and then cooled back down, while you are still below 30% health, anything that would kill you if your mana barrier didn't activate DOES kill you, without your passive activating in any way. It doesn't even go on cooldown.

I don't know the code, but I think that barrier activates AFTER damage is applied, unlike hexdrinker, which activated between calculation and application.
Is the case that Blitzcrank never gets above that 30% threshold and never resets the proc condition as a result?

That's my gut reaction as I haven't been able to repro a case where the shield didn't trigger when I expected it to.

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This has happened to me before. I can't give many details, but I've noticed my barrier not activating twice in the same "life." I dismissed it as timing--maybe I didn't see my buff bar correctly and it was just about to c/d before I died, but I was fairly certain that wasn't the case, but had no reason to believe it to be the case (until now when I read this thread).