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Lots of BUGS! blue bars and black bars galore

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In game Ive had multiple problems. The first and most recent is everyones HP/mana bar is completely blue. And you cannot see what their health or anything is. unless clicking on them to see the active target window in top left. It made it impossible to gauge HP and mana of allies/enemies, and made last hitting minions impossible.

Another issue is whenever it comes up "_____ has slain an enemy" or anything like that where it should show the champs portrait in the kill announcement. it is blacked out.
Another problem is when anyone pings a huge box appears.

another problem is when everyones HP and mana bars turn completely black, even in target window. Making it impossible to play competitively.

I just played a ranked game where the blue bar problem happened. and cost me the game. I was useless because I could not see minion hp, champ hp or mana. and i was the AD carry. its very hard to carry a game when you cannot last hit minions, or know when to gank. I ask for a loss forgiven in that game. I played varus. and had decent KD for playing smart under the circumstances. but had half the minion kills my opponent had. this has never been an issue for me.
These bugs have been making multiple games for me disappointed in the client. Please Riot. Fix these bugs that are occuring.
It is not my computer. Just ran plenty of scans and diagnostics. Also made sure all drivers are updated, and all settings are correct for playing the game optimally. Including security and firewalls. And im using an i7 laptop. and have been playing on highest settings with no problem until a few weeks ago.