Possibly a new way to help with bans?

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Ok, Hello my name is Rob and i have an idea of what might be a new way to stop people with further bans. I will not shy from the truth I do get get overwhelmed at this game occasionally a little to much perhaps and afterwards i regret it because it puts my account in jeopardy and I do try to correct it an awful lot but their are some games that i cannot, but i digress. My Idea for this is to disable the ability of the chat for the repetitive banned person for Verbal, Offensive, and Negative attitude. But it leaves open Refusing to communicate with team in game. I have had this idea for a while because i wish i could disable it myself so i couldnt type but i cannot. It automatically will make the person unable to chat (but ping) with the team if they are getting frustrated and yes it will cause somewhat of a unbalancing feature for that person to call MIA/SS ask for ganks etc. But i would find it absolutely helpful for ME that doesnt mean everyone else. Just a thought.

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