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can anyone help me with using zed?

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Can anyone help me use zed? I bought him but he is hard to play.
Any useful information will be appricated and thank u.

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Take armor pen reds and quints, flat armor yellows and per level MR blues.
Take 21/9/0 masteries - be sure to take Havoc(3) and Executioner - its important

Build a Brutalizer first, a Bloodthirster second, a Last Whisper third

Don't harrass with just your Q, you will run out of energy too fast.
Harrass with a shadow AND a Q, you will get an energy return.

Personally, I max R>Q>W>E. Most other people take more E but I'd rather have the W passive.

If you ult on somebody, remember that you have 3 seconds to deal as much damage before the Mark explodes and deals another +50% damage to him. So, start R then E then Q then autoattack. The amount of damage this deals should be climbing all game long.

Don't be afraid to steal blue or ask for it from your mid, it really helps.