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People of Solo Q, Get It Together

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Last season i had 450+ ranked games under my belt and i have to say, the community needs to shut the hell up about solo queue. If you dont like it, its okay but ill give you reasons why to stop complaining your dam brains out about it.

- The Trolls, DC's, Feeders, and everything THAT KEEPS YOU AT THIS "LOW ELO" is all bullcrap, and if you simply step back from your competitve juices, you will notice it. It is inevitable that there will be disconnects as this is a game that relies on internet connections to a server. It is inevitable that people have bad games, because I'm sure you are the only one every dam game without making mistakes. Disconnects and AFK's can be put under the same category, since both are done with no intentions of it. If you went atleast 100 games of any kind without disconnecting once or going AFK for personal reasons, then i congradulate you, but other people pretty much have the same problems you have, just at their own convinience.

- You belong in your elo. There have been mathematical postulates that prove that if you really are better than your elo is, you will eventually get out. That doesnt mean in 10 games, you win all 10 and go from 900 elo to 1000. I had reached 1400s and i knew i didnt belong there, and i did eventually drop. I dropped to 900s and i knew i didnt belong there and i eventually rose to 1100s-1200s. But thats the story of my entire season 2 450+ games, and if you want to still complain about it after an extended period of time like that, go ahead, i can respect that. But too many times i see people right after their placement matches who lost 8/10 and have 800 elo and blame it on everyone else as if the ten games were the ones to decide the faith of humanity.

- If you dont have the attitude, you dont have the rights to play solo queue. I will agree, and i can guarantee that almost everyone agrees, SOLO QUEUE IS FRUSTRATING. But if you cant take that stress of competition, you shouldnt be playing ranked. Skill doesnt matter, because the system will place you in a level with people equivalent to your own skill, but attitude is something that i see as very very shaming. You cant see it, but everyone else can when you have a bad attitude. Who the hell knows if i have a bad attitude? I'm just typing whats going on in my mind, but dont act like every losing game is the first time your life wasnt perfect.

- The higher the stakes, the higher the tempers. Elo soft reset just happened, and i began playing ranked on the first day. In the games, nobody complained about trolls, afk and noobs because they were playing to win. And at the end of the day, high stakes (50-ish elo is pretty high as you wont get another chance to raise your elo by such large amounts for a while) created high tempers. Those who did not achieve what they hoped for, began to post on forums and complain to friends that solo queue was absolute **** and that they had the worst luck in the world. I went on lolking to discover that a teammate of mine who complained after a loss had played 6 matches, going 3/3 and staying relatively the same elo as before. From what i could see, everyone had played competently in all of his games but because he could only believe that it was not in partial his fault for those 3 losses, the 50% win rate suddenly became a hell for him, because he did not get what he wanted. We are not children, we still want things but we earn and we are not given.

1. Solo queue is not for people who play perfect each game. I the end one side wins, the other loses.
2. Sure theres bad luck, but for the majority of you, its your fault, or your success that has you where you are.
3. Fix your attitude. The world is not on your shoulders, but you dont stand on top of the world.
4. Every reaction is from an action. You do bad, bad happens. You do good, good happens. Solo Queue is for those who work for it.

Bump if you want idc but i would be happy knowing that more people read this. I'd also like to know your opinions whether im right or wrong and if you disagree, theres absolutely no problem with that

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1. I had problems with my computer about a year and a half ago. I DC'd maybe 10~ games (as an overestimate) over that period. Just recently, I had internet problems where I DC'd from 3~ games total. I have 2.5k~ total games played. So that's one DC every 200 or so games. I went for 2k~ games without DCing by accident once (I'll admit, I ragequit a few). I never play a game that I know I don't have time for - barring hospital emergencies or something of that sort, I always finish my game (and they should be so few and far between that it doesn't significantly impact my play experience, even with the large amount of players). I should be able to expect this of the 9 other players in my game, too. Also, people AFK on purpose at lower levels with much higher frequency than they disconnect by accident.

2. To give you an example, I have a friend who was 2.5k Elo last season. In his placement matches, he went 0-2 to start off the season. He's 4-5 now. Because of that, he's going to have to play a LOT more games to get back to the level he was at before. I'm talking hundreds, as opposed to just 20-30. Simply because the first 10 games are weighted more heavily, and you get paired with other people who are still being placed.

If I'm anywhere near 1200 Elo (within 100~ or so) in my placement games, I will get new players who don't fully understand how to play their role. For example, an AD carry running through the entire enemy team to attack the enemy AD carry, which caused us to lose. She had one win in Ranked this season, and was something like 1250 Elo, which leads me to believe that she was 1200 or so, then won a lucky game - because she couldn't play that well.

As another small example, I played my placement games S2, went 7-0, and got to 1504 Elo. I then dropped to about 1300 and couldn't, for the life of me, get higher than that (playing roles like support and jungle most of the time). I ragequit ranked for a while and dicked around in normals with lowbie friends, playing against bad players. At the end of the season, I nolifed and played 40 games - this time taking ADC and mid lane - and jumped up 200 Elo. I hit a brick wall at 1470, and gave up again. And yet, even playing with other players at 1450 Elo, I still won the majority of my lanes. It's very rare I do so poorly in my lane I am the cause of our loss - my farm is almost always good, my KDA is almost always good, and if my team isn't trash, I can roam well from mid lane. The problem is that I have to rely on (at least) 3 other people to not be incompetent and to not have a bad game. I realize people have bad games, so I don't rage at them in game about it (but rather over the forums, and without naming them), but it doesn't make it any easier for me to climb.

3. Well, yeah. But that can be said of anything. You have to have the right attitude to do well.

To your fourth point, I invite you to take a look at this:


I've played 3 ranked games this season, so far. Two of those games, I've done decently in my lane (ignore me going 1/7/7 - I died a bunch after bottom lane lost turret at the 8 minute mark and they went 3 mid constantly, so I had to 1v3 and 2v3, plus our teamfights went badly). Hell, the TF game, I even carried bottom lane as well. They came out even because of me. But the players just couldn't follow up on me doing well. I had a bad ADC and a bad jungle the first loss, and my team didn't know how to pull off a late game comp in the second. It's not because I specifically was the cause of the loss, but because some mixture of everyone or certain people on the team did badly.

Certainly I made mistakes, but I wasn't the feeder - I wasn't the person doing things so severely wrong that we lost the game because of my decisions.