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@ Riot A tip for seson 3 end, from a saddened player.

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So first i will explain why i am sad then a tip to riot afterwards.

So when the rewards for season 2 were announced i was rather please with then, who does not want more icons, and the thought of a border made me wanna play ranked. Now i play with friends on a ranked team but we mostly do normals. This time we decided to go for silver. A week or so later and we got it. Now here is were i believe was a bit of my fault and a bit of riots. Under my understanding of the requirements for season two rewards, anyone who got ranked in 3v3 solo/duo or 5v5 would get a border that would show in all games.

Well, i dislike solo/due as i find it hard to work with people in game i can't talk to over Team speak; so i was only bronze in solo/duo; and there is my problem. I was not aware that to get a border in normals you needed solo/duo silver and up.

TLDR: i misinterpreted things i read from Red posts, and now look like the odd man out when me and my friends do 5 man normals and they all have silver borders and i don't.

Now my tip for Riot would be to make it more easy to figure out what rewards you get. Like maybe under your account page on the website, it could list eligible rewards and how to get them, then once you have met the requirements in would tell you that you have it unlocked for the end of season rewards.

So did this happen to anyone else? Did you think Riot explained how to get all the rewards well? Did you think they could do a better job in season 3?