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He could be the first CLEARY black male champion as there are no black champions in the whole game. He could be similar to Jayce in that he has a weapon that changes forms but be more tanky and support.

Passive- Holy Aura- Friendly champs in the area have increased health regeneration based on this Dominic's armor and have increased mana regeneration based on Dominic's magic resist.

Q- Mercy/Chastise- Shield- Heals all champs in a small ring around Dominic including himself.
Staff- When activated, Dominic's basic attacks deal extra magic damage and reduce healing done by hit champs by 50%

W- Grace/Judgement- Shield- Dominic slams his shield into the ground where it become an invulnerable ward that heals allies over time and increases their armor for 2 seconds.
Staff- Dominic slams his staff into the ground where it becomes an invulnerable ward that slows and attacks nearby enemies for 2 seconds. (while activated Dominic attacks his enemies with his bear hands at melee range)

E- Blessing/Curse- Shield- Dominic empowers an allies weapon allowing his ally to heal himself every time the ally attacks.
Staff- Dominic blinds an enemy and deals damage over time for 2 seconds.

R- Divine Weapon- Dominic's shield can change into a staff. His shield is melee whilst his staff is ranged.

Many of the more experienced and old players have been ignored in their request for a new support. This would be a champ that would require a more skilled user and appeal to the very crowd that has been asking for a new support. I have noticed people running non-support champs on bot like Teemo and Mundo. This would counter those champs and bring back the adc/support bot meta. Furthermore, 100's of threads have asked why there are no black champs. This champ would fill that role perfectly.

Imagine a large build and armored black male with short hair and glasses. He would have a deep solemn voice. He would have a religious theme and fervor about his voice, lingo, and personality. His armor could be white. gold, and blue. His shield would fold out like a Z pattern into his staff. His staff would have either light beam or lighting effects for abilities and basic attacks.