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List reasons why Akali is not OP.

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Buffy Wayne

Senior Member


Try first picking her on ranked or draft pick.

Not a good idea if they are good players.

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If I'm playing any of the ranged mages mid like Anivia, Ahri, Xerath, etc, it is really easy to shut her down. You harass her with autoattacks and poke whenever she goes in to try to last hit with melee, so she is forced to use her Q to farm, and as soon as she throws her Q at a minion you hit her again since she can't do anything back. If she throws down her shroud you use your AOE on it or just back off and wait since it has such a long cooldown. Once she hits 6 you back off a little and just harass out of her range, on your first back buy a pink, and when she is at mid health and tries to engage you drop a pink into her shroud and kill her when she thinks she safe.

Also, if she tries to roam at all, push the lane like crazy and take the tower, she will be underleveled at that point anyway so her ganks won't be that effective. She'll probably get a few kills here and there off your teamates, but Akali isn't like Kat who snowballs almost without trying, you have to be legit fed with Akali to be effective.

I used to main Akali before 30, but it is so frustratingly easy to counter her if you know what you are doing that she is hard to play even in mid level play. When I get matched against an Akali in mid, it is basically a free lane for me.