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Why are old lores being changed?

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There are so many players in this game who have been around essentially forever.

A lot of them like the older champs. Who they are, how they act, what their background is.

And yet, seemingly at random and out of the blue you, Riot, keep changing lore. And most of the time, if not all of them time to this point the lore has become worse. Shallower, less flushed out. It makes the champion different.

For example, the first lore change that hit a champ near and dear to me was Karthus. He's lost all individuality and gained a predictable "future serial killer" background, and the reasoning behind him being a lich has changed from a sobering and miserable accident into "Lol i'm not really dead, now please shun me from society so i can kill you all."

Why do you do this Riot? Are people constantly complaining about lore and I just happen to never see the thread?

What is the reasoning behind it?

To use Karthus again.
What was so wrong about him being a mage with a lust for power, foolishly venturing into the marsh and being forcibly lichified, and giving up his constant quest for power to rule this marsh, write dirges of the others who fell into his footsteps, and through side lore like the JoJ become the guardian of the song that would end all life on the planet? His old lore barely even mentioned who he was before becoming a lich as it did not matter to the character, that life was lost and forgotten.

Why did it have to become the creepy kid obsessed with death who played with dead animals and watched people die in hospitals, who faked his own death, got shunned for being a lich, then plans to kill everyone everywhere? The DeathSinger doesn't even sing anymore.

In conclusion, Riot.
Unless a big uproar comes out, a bunch of the fanbase complaining that so-and-so's lore sucks balls, please do not 'revise' old lore.Karthus doesn't feel as fun anymore, knowing I'm playing Freddy Kruger instead of the Lich I met in season 1.