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Siren/Banshee champion ideas

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So I was thinking about a siren or banshee themed champion, and I came up with some possible abilities/mechanics one could use. I don't have lore, or a name, but I imagine she'd be Shadow Isles related. I thought I'd just throw them out there, this is nowhere near a finished concept, feel free to critique or add.

I figure this champion for an AP/Support role, with different ideas focused on different things.

One of the things I thought of was an ammunition-based skillset centered on "voices" or some better name. Though, most of these abilities would work just as well without an ammo system.

(Passive) Siren's Veil- Champion receives bonus MR/Armor (or maybe Tenacity?) for each stack of "voices" she has. She generates "voices" passively on a timer.

Q- Steal Voice- Damages targeted enemy, silences them for a time, and adds a stack of "voices." There is a cap on the stack, maybe 5 or 7.

W- Siren's Call- I'm thinking either a line skillshot or a channeled ability. Does damage over time and charms target. If target reaches you, they take extra damage and are stunned. Consumes one "voice."

E- Throw Voice- Skillshot AoE (like Karthus or Cassiopeia) Consumes one "voice" to do damage in a targeted area. (Maybe slows)

R- Speak as One- Self-centered AoE. Provides self and allies in the area AD/AP for a time. Consumes one "voice" for each champion affected. (Maybe add a shield or move speed?) (Or maybe consumes all voices and has increased effect for each stack? And then refills voices?)

I had some other ability ideas and variants that I also thought were interesting or might bear switching out.

R- Last Word- Deals damage and silences all enemies around the champion. Champion recieves additional AP for each enemy silenced.

R- Siren's Song- Channeled AoE. Charms all enemies around the champion, dealing damage over time. Any enemy that reaches you takes additional damage.

Siren's Veil- A targeted spell shield.

Echolocation- Sends out a wave of sound, revealing all enemies it passes over. I was thinking like Ashe's Hawkshot, maybe on a minute cooldown. It'd also be cool if maybe instead of granting sight, it reveals them the way Rengar's Ulti does.

Wall of the Damned- Summons the spirits of the champion's past victims to form a wall that fears those who pass through it.

Wall of Mist- Creates a wall of mist that blocks vision across it. Champions could pass through it, maybe being slowed, but they can't see the other side. It'd probably be a huge pain to code, considering you'd have to calculate every enemy's line of sight to the wall.

Another good skillset for a support/AP would be Steal Voice, Echolocation, Throw Voice, and either Last Word or Siren's Song. That way she'd have a silence, a clairvoyance, a slow, and an AoE CC Ultimate.