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Damion (the grand fool)

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Health-441 (+84)
Attack damage-51.7 (+3.5)
Health regen-7.45 (+0.55)
Attack speed-0.694 (+3%)
Mana-270 (+40)
Armor-15 (+3.5)
Mana regen-6.4 (+0.45)
Magic res.-30 (+1.25)
Mov. speed-325

Passive-(foolish charm) nearby enemies lower there defenses a bit because of his comic appearance reducing armor of nearby enemy champions by 10% and 0.5% less for each additional enemy champion nearby Range 700

Q-(laughing gas) passively grants Damion's basic attacks a slow (5%/7%/9%/12%/15%) when active Damion throws a balloon full of gas at target location exploding in a cloud of pink smoke dealing (50/75/100/125/150)damage plus 20% of Damion's attack damage any enemy champion caught in the blast begins laughing and has their attack speed reduced by (15%/20%/25%/30%/35%) for 3 seconds but the effect is reduced by 2% every 0.5 seconds until it wears and goes on cool down for 12 seconds while on cool down Damion does not gain the passive slow costs (50/55/60/65/70)mana blast radius has a range of radius 100

w-(Pogo staff) Damion hops on his staff and jumps Range up to 600 if he hits and enemy champion he deals damage equal to 50% of his total bonus attack damage and gains a short attack damage buff where his next attack deals an additional 100% damage for the next 6 seconds cool down is 10 seconds after he lands costs (70/65/60/55/50) mana PS-aimed like most skill shots

E-(Strut) Damion stands up tall and twirling his staff blocking projectiles for a few seconds costs (25/35/35/40/50)mana 15 second cool down

R-(theft) Mimic the ultimate ability of target enemy champion costs 0 mana Range 800 theft is replaced by the ultimate of target enemy champion upon killing or assisting in the death of an enemy champion if Damion has not already used an ultimate Damion can choose to have his ult become theirs or keep his current ult (damage, cool down, mana, and other areas of the stolen ability depend on the power and stats of the enemy champion whose ult Damion has stolen) theft has no cool down because once u use it it's cool down becomes that of the ability he used and once he uses an ability gained through theft it reverts to theft and goes on cool down based on the skill used