Can Riot make a Campaign? Or just give us a deeper insight into LoL lore?

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ll Tolack ll

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Hey I've been playing LoL for a bit now and I'm hooked on the lore. It just seems like it'd be so fun to have some missions where you pick a champion and depending on their loyalties (and personal goals), you are given a campaign to play. I know that with the number of heroes in LoL that it'd be a ridiculously huge ask for a campaign for each champion, but what about for each nation/city state? For example, a Noxian War Machine campaign with battlegrounds in Freljord (fighting barbarians), in Ionia, and in other locations (eg; Minitor villages all the way up to Alistars, the multiple Demencian conflicts, ect).

I'm simply asking for missions that give us more of a story line (hell, you could even make a community competition that could affect the lore). This probably won't be seen by a riot employee but meh, one can hope they'll see and take it into consideration.