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Season 2 silver to Season 3 gold? Follow my journey

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The Lord Kirby




I am on my path to gold during season 3. Last season I finished 1181. But I know what I did wrong and I will build on it for this season. I will post after each game my score, and give shout outs to people who did awesome and why things didn't go well for me. I am currently looking for a duo buddy that excels in support.

I've played three so far, here they are:

(W) Jax/Jungle - 9/2/7- Great team. Good game all around.

(W) Annie/Mid - 7/1/9 - Played a bad team. Easy win.

(L) Veigar/Mid - 11/3/2 - Other than our 6/5 Ez, our team had three people with 10+ deaths and zero jungle presence. Person forced to support bot, I had to buy bulk of the wards with Ez.

Will post more threads when I play tonight! Watch my games and give me some constructive criticism!