Ezreal dominion build suggestions

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Thought of an Ezreal build for Dominion, just looking for opinion on how the build could be made better, or doesn't need to be changed. Tried the build a couple of times, seems to work well, but you know sometimes you can oversee things.


1) Sheen
2) Sorcerers shoes OR Boots of swiftness if enemy team has a lot of serious Gap closers.
3) Black fire Torch
4) Athenes unholy grail
5) Sheen => Lich bane

That's basic. Game usually ends about here, But for very late:

6) Wooglet's Cap OR Void staff if enemy is heavy on MR.
7) Hextech gunblade if 6) was Wooglet's, OR Wooglet's if 6) Was Void staff.