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League of Legends MiniSeries [CALLING ALL TEAMS]

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I am looking to host/moderate a 14-week season featuring 16 mild ELO teams at the start of Season 3. 16 teams will be placed into 2 brackets [Lizard/Golem], and further divided into 4 groups. Groups A and B being the Lizard Bracket, groups C and D the Golem Bracket.

Teams will compete weekly to earn points [Series Points/Group Points]. Series/Group points will be discussed later. Round 1 [Weeks 1-8] will focus on group play, seeing the top 3 teams from each group advance to Round 2 [Weeks 9-13]. Groups A and B will then become only the Lizard Bracket, groups C and D becoming the Golem Bracket. At the end of Round 2, the top 4 teams from each bracket will advance to the playoffs [Week 14].

1st Place : $1000 + $100 RP + Entry in next MiniSeries
2nd Place : $250 + $50 RP + Entry in next MiniSeries
3rd/4th Place : Entry in next MiniSeries
(This is all out of pocket expenses. I'm doing this to highlight teams/players that are at a mild skill level & would like to experience small-scale competitive play while bettering/preparing themselves for a higher level of competition.)

Round 1
During Round 1, teams will go through a series of Bracket Matches, Cross-Bracket Matches, and Group Matches. Each match consists of either a single match or a best of 3 series, each rewarding a different amount points. Bracket Matches and Cross-Bracket Matches are a single match, rewarding 1 Series Point. Group Matches consist of a best of 3 series and a reward of 3 Group Points per match, plus an opportunity for a bonus point if the set is won 2-0. So potentially, Group Matches award a team 7 Group Points.
Round 2
Once group play has finished and the bottom team from each group has been eliminated, teams will then be competing within their respective brackets. There will still be Cross-Bracket Matches, but your performance during bracket play will be what determines if you advance to the playoffs. During Round 2, Bracket Matches will now be played as a best of 3 series. They will reward 3 Series Points per match, plus an opportunity for a bonus point if the set is won 2-0, the same as Group Matches from Round 1. Cross-Bracket Matches will still be a single match rewarding 1 Series Point.
Playoff format will be standard double-elimination bracket play.

Group Points
During Round 1, teams will have 2 separate point values they earn for each match. Group Points will be rewarded for Group Matches. These points count towards your point value in your group, as well as your point value overall. Therefore, Group Points are also Series Points. This can make a big difference when Round 2 comes around.
Series Points
Series Points are basically awarded for each match your team wins. Series Points come into effect more in Round 2 after Group Matches have finished and teams are focused on scoring well in their brackets. However, the amount of Series Points you acquire from Round 1 can drastically affect your overall placement later in the season.

Currently, all matches are scheduled on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with the exception of the Week 14 taking place Thursday-Sunday. I would assume most people interested in playing League competitively are mostly active on weekends. However, everything is subject to change, and accommodations can be made depending on circumstances. I thought it best to schedule single matches on Fridays & Sundays, and I hopefully did a good job scheduling around different time-zones. I think I made sure everyone should have adequate time to finish class/work on Fridays, and be able to work/do schoolwork on Saturdays and Sundays. Again, match times are all tentative.

I'm not going to post a full schedule on these forums. Teams that are interested can request a copy.


- Each team is guaranteed 28 games before any elimination, potentially more, being as some series will extend to 3 games.

- Live-stream coverage will be offered on select occasions. Playoff matches will all be covered and casted, hopefully.

- Week 1 begins January 4-6. The registration deadline is currently set for December 20.

- I need a team of people willing to help me moderate, stream, cast, advertise, & just oversee the whole season, in general. If you're interested, please contact me.

I am looking to highlight mild ELO players that are interested in experiencing low-scale competitive play. Only players/teams with an ELO between 1250 & 1800 will be allowed to enter.

If you & your team are interested in competing in the League of Legends Mini Series, or if you'd just like more information on the series, please contact me by e-mail or feel free to add this account in-game.
E-MAIL: [email]LoL_MiniSeries@yahoo.com[/email]
IGN: LoLMiniSeries

Submission Form
Team Name:
Team Tag:
Team Logo: [If available, attach to e-mail.]
Team Location:
Team Clan/Sponsor:
Team ELO: [If available.] [Current & Highest]
Team Record: [If available.]
Team Life-Span: [How long has this team been active?]
Tourneys Played:
Tourneys Won:
Team Captain:
Team Captain E-Mail:

ROSTER [Summoner Names, Roles, Current & Highest Solo-Queue ELO]
1.) Solo Lane :
2.) AP Carry :
3.) Jungle :
4.) Support :
5.) AD Carry :

SUBSTITUTES [1 Sub Minimum]


Group A
Team 1 : Ascent 5 [A5]
Team 2 : Umbra Gaming [uG]
Team 3 : Team Elusive Gaming [TEG]
Team 4 : Digital Descent [DiDes]
Group B
Team 5 : Innate Gaming [InG]
Team 6 : Elite Gladiators [EG]
Team 7 : Dry Roasted Almonds [Almond]
Team 8 : Azura Gaming [AZGG]

Group C
Team 9 : Psychedelicacy [LUCY]
Team 10 : Meddling Gamers [MedGs]
Team 11 : School Sucks [TnTech]
Team 12 : TBA : Reserved
Group D
Team 13 : iionic Spark [iios]
Team 14 : The Exalted Ones [XLTD]
Team 15 : TBA : Reserved
Team 16 : TBA
[Groups will be decided at random once the brackets are completely full.]


Visit http://www.umbragaming.net for all information regarding the MiniSeries.