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Milkfat is not a meme!

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"What was announced one month ago as the "first salaried Heroes of Newerth team", has during the following days been shook up.

The team members, formerly playing for MILK, claim that they did not get the salary they were promised. In response, Neva says that they fired the team due to not showing good enough performances.

- "We were dropping the team due to Milkfat's inadequate skill level, we were hesitant to pay a team he was part of due to his low level of skill," said Defiler, NEVA administrator. "This saves us the hassle though, no one else would sponsor such a low skilled team with a habitual liar as a captain (his ego is astounding)."

CaKeS and Milkfat, charismatic players from the team, will continue playing on a more casual level with friends.

PokeDex, another former Neva/MILK player, has teamed up with the American team Loaded.

Stopping the sponsoring of MILK is not the only action we have seen, as Neva Digital are no longer on the list of official partners on the Heroes of Newerth page."

I loled