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"I thought you'd never pick me."

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Rime Piros

Junior Member


Hey everyone. I've been playing LoL for about a year or so now. Most of the time, I play it alone, and I'm ronery, so I thought joining a clan or team might be fun.

I don't really aim for being 2k+ ELO, since I play for fun rather than competitiveness. I still enjoy playing ranked games, though I'm just a ~1300. Talking over Skype with friends is fun too, but I'm kinda shy, so yeah.

(The main reason I made my own thread was because most of the clans here are looking for people who aim to play in championships. ;_

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JJ Unbreakable

Senior Member


Hi Rime Piros,

I'm currently connecting players with each other for pre-mades or fun.
The most recent thread is here:

You can post there to find other players and/or add me in-game: JJ Unbreakable

I look forward to playing with you : )