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Zed discussion thread, above average champ.

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I think his W either needs to do damage (whether it be from casting it or allowing it to AA) or have a lower cooldown.

Increase the energy cost if you want, but if his shadows are suppose to be his signature move, you don't get to use it very much.

Only way to use his CC or regen energy is to throw out the shadow, but his Q and E have low cooldowns and fairly high energy costs. The whole W+E or W+Q combo is expensive if you miss.

He's a champ that the current item lineup just doesn't support very well. Maybe he'll be better with the new season items.

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Tannin Kinslayer



So far I have to say that Zed is ridiculously fun to play with, he is what I like to call an adrenaline champ because the more you do with him the more options you get. For example you are getting caught out by 3 people with your w on cd and you decide that you can't get out so you decide to do your best to take one with you. You then ult and use all your abilities and realize that after that fight thanks to the cd reduction for your w from your e you can now use it and jump over a wall. And as you escape into the shadows you hear a satisfying "enemy has been slain". Just the fact that you can have this option for that kind of play is extremely satisfying.

On a more technical note so far playing him mid and top I haven't found many bad matchups "hate jax". He is a very good farmer I generally get about 30% more cs with him then other champs, and this is just due to his passive and aoe wave clear. Alot of people complain about his w cd but for the most part this isn't something I have a problem with. Once I get roughly lvl 5 I don't worry about spamming his w to harass(smartly in situations I know I can get max damage with it of course) with the general combo being waiting for them to come up and cs spawn the shadow next to them use e to slow followed by an easy double q. But with fairly minimal usage of his e i find his w to be closer to a 10 second cd. But once you hit 6 anytime you get them about 50% life I know that I can go in for the kill or at the very least force a back and maintain lane dominance.

As for my build generally mid lane I will rush hexdrinker and mercs followed by BT and GA. Then close out the build with a frozen mallet and LW. And for top I get either ninja tabi or mercs (depending on matchup) relying on my base dmg then rush BT usually getting the vamp scepter first for lane sustain. If the lane isnt going that hot and I can't afford a BT right away I tend to build an early phage. I have tried brutalizer and am not a big fan, just feeling that the raw stats from BT benefit you much more and doesn't leave you with a "useless" item. Once the season 3 changes for black cleaver come in I will definitely be trying that though. Also I have played around with getting a trinity force but with how expensive it is along with the wasted stats I find I have more success just getting the raw ad from BT.

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Handsome Aniki



Looking at the S3 item line up, Zed will be a bit stronger with the hydra.