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Season 2 Rewards FAQ

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love my forum badge :3

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I know this was posted elsewhere, but why do only teams get to see the rank you achieved in team play. Wouldn't they already know that cause they were on your team. I don't understand why I worked hard to achieve Plat in 3's only to let those other two people know I am Plat. They already know. I want to brag to strangers, not teammates.

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i been invited some friens to play for the reward link but when they get the lvl 10 i been go to the reward page and said me that i can get 500 riot points then i push the button and the paye saw me that i have to wait 72 hours i been waiting for more of a week and i dont have my reward

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@Yegg I'm still being discriminated against by members of my own team because I'm silver bordered...

I just played a game, 4/5 of my allies were gold last season, I was a positive KDR, I initiated fights, i built counter items, i supported the team, and man I DID everything. Shen feeds and has horrid timing, ziggs never lands anything, draven gets 1 shot and oriana was decent. Now, i'm not perfect, but i can say I wasn't doing any worse than shen ziggs or draven

so what happens? It's my fault we lose
my fault they die
my fault we don't win team fights
the pick apart at EVERY mistake I make.

I'm being picked on and tortured for the silver border and I've had ENOUGH.

make it so I can turn the damn thing off please, it's not a reward.. it's a curse. I hate it.

nothing like being the black man in league of legends when the everyone acts like it's the seventeen hundreds.

Give it to me then. I still haven't gotten my rewards yet, despite being Ranked silver at the end of Season 2, but my friend already got his Silver Border (and I'm higher Elo than he is). I'd be happy to take it off your hands until I get my own. Still waiting on some kind of an answer, Riot...

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Hey all,

I wanted to create a single place where you can find answers to your questions about the Season 2 rewards. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. I'll be checking back throughout the day to answer questions and add them to the FAQ as common themes emerge.

Why don't I have my Victorious Janna skin?

There was an issue with the Janna skin where players who had it were unable to play games. That issue has now been fixed and all players who qualified should have the skin.

My friend already got her summoner icons, why don't I have mine?

The process that grants these icons can take a long time to run in some of the larger regions. During that period some players will receive their icons earlier than others.

Where did the summoner icon borders go?

Summoner icon borders were not a reward for Season 2. We have big plans for icons and we want to give ourselves freedom into the icons themselves as a way of conveying information in the future. All players who achieved a tier during Season 1 received an icon to commemorate that fact.

Why don't I have my Platinum or Diamond forum badge for Season 2?

A subset of players haven't received the appropriate forum badges. This is not specific to ranked team queues; it also seems to be happening to some players who earned them in ranked solo. We are still investigating the root cause of this and we'll be issuing badges to everyone who earned them as soon as we figure it out.

I got my rewards for solo queue but haven't received them for teams. Why is that?

To earn rewards with a team, you had to either join the team before September 1st or win five games with the team in the appropriate queue.

I had five wins with a Platinum 3v3 Ranked Team. Why don't I have a Platinum border in normal games?

Ranked games show the border that you earned in that particular queue. All other game modes show the border that was achieved in the Ranked Solo queue.

This player purchased an Elo boosting service and yet still has his rewards. Why?

We have not finished the full sweep of Elo boosters as of yet. We will be removing rewards retroactively from players that we identify.

What happened with the players who engaged in win trading?

The players involved received a temporary suspension and those teams were disqualified from earning rewards for their members. However, these players were still able to earn rewards from solo queue as well as other teams that achieved their rating legitimately.

Will Elo gained during this preseason go towards Season 3, or will there be another reset?

Yes, Elo earned during the preseason will count towards your standings in Season 3. There will not be another reset.

How can I tell the different Season 2 icons apart?

The one that has a single gem in the center is for solo queue.
The one that has three gems at the top of the cup is for 3v3.
The one that has five gems at the bottom of the cup is for 5v5.
The one that has all of the above as well as a brighter background is the fourth bonus icon.

Can Elo decay affect me during my provisional matches?

We will be changing how Elo decay works in Season 3, but until then, Elo decay can affect players who have a provisional rating above 1400.

Did the Elo decay timer reset when the soft reset happened?

The Elo decay timer was unaffected by the soft reset. It will continue to count from the last time you played a match.

Why can't I see the loading screen borders for my opponents?

We want to be very careful about the information we display on this screen. Even though the loading screen borders are not an exact representation of skill, people will tend to treat them as such, and draw conclusions about which team will win based on the borders. We avoid this problem through only showing the borders to your teammates.

I achieved Gold tier this season, why no forum badge?

We've decided that forum badges should be awarded to the top two tiers each season. Gold was already the first tier to receive Victorious Janna and the profile banner, and we wanted one of the rewards to be exclusive to players who achieved Platinum tier.

Thanks for absolutely no reward at all for my loyalty during season 2!

not everyone plays ranked.

I got a skin last season, People got a summoner icon this season but they had to register for it? what is that?

so yeah thanks.

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Ferretus Maximus

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There are a lot of small reasons, but the main one is that we have big plans for summoner icons in the future and we wanted to give ourselves the flexibility to integrate meaningful borders into the actual icons in the future. Double borders don't look very good, whether it's between an outer and inner icon border or between the profile banner border and the icon border.

I realize this is my 2nd post, but there are many other people asking in this thread and elsewhere that were upset to have this season 1 reward removed.
The loading screen borders cause the same discrimination that you tried to avoid by limiting who could see it, except with your own team instead. Since summoner icon borders were only visible where the icon was visible like in friend lists, enemy teams could not see them anyways except in custom games or after the game was over.
Season 2 rewards have had several changes including removal of elo decay--enabling some people getting rewards for playing 0 games just because they joined a team earlier than others, watered-down reward requirements, and the ability to soft reset elo on demand with ranked teams. Season 1 was unarguably more difficult to progress through ranks, and was more indicative of personal skill level since your elo in premade carried over through all games played in that queue, regardless of which team you played with.
It seems unnecessary to remove a reward from season 1 players who had to fight elo decay to keep their rewards which had harder requirements, just so that newer players could have the same things as them. Climbing to silver or above then meant gaining something unique to show that they had gotten there. Now the only difference is the color of a summoner icon that bronze players received despite what the season 1 reward list stated they would get.
TLDR; there are icons that have borders right now which would also produce a double frame effect, so why are your early supporters losing something they earned which causes less drama than loading borders?

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