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S3 Late Night Placement Duo

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Hey Guys,
I hope to do better than I previously did on Season 2 with the confidence reset tonight and I want a partner. What I have heard, the game is not very reliable at this moment, which makes it a perfect opportunity to reach for extremes like 7/10+ on my placement matches and here are my reasons as to why.
Even if everybody sucks in the game, somebody has to be winning the games. The chances of achieving those wins can be greatly increased by playing with others on your team that understand the changes of the new patch, and have the mechanical skills to be able to perform at a certain expectancy. By having a duo queue partner that can reliably play at a consistent level and will not turn out on a game because of underperformance, it makes 40% of your team ready to win the game on the spot which gives a distinct advantage over the opposing team.
I have probably been reset to an elo of 1170-ish after the patch, and I am willing to play with anybody around the elo 1000-1300 (because whether you are close elo or not, you still gain a large amount from one game). My credentials are 190 normal wins, 450+ ranked games on SR last season, winning just about a dead 50% of them all, lowest elo was 998, highest elo was 1424, I can CS, freeze my lane, gank (I mained jungle for a long period, but now im open to anything not bottom lane) and the biggest Pro about me is that I control the enemies buffs extremely well and steal atleast 70 percent of their second and third buffs. My con is that I sometimes get carried away with trying to save teammates or sacrificing myself to get an objective.
Reply below, or add me crispytree1 if u want to play around 11pm-5am PST.

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Dejan Borenol

Junior Member


duo may seem better winning rate, but actually, it is not necessarily true.
1. you and your fd may think you are good. you two could be the real feeders lol
2. pro can carry the team and do the right thing no matter you know him/her or not.

duo is just a mental comfort that let you think you can win easier.
unless you have your own pro team, duo cant really help

anyway, apart from the above ****
please add me lol
dejanborenol76 lol
i am around 1000 if you dun mind