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You cant be serious about this ban

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I like how people are trying to split hairs by trying to get a red to tell them EXACTLY how much of a ***** they can be before they get banned.

If you have to wonder if you are a jerk then you probably are.

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We're not going to remove features from our game because certain players are jerks and choose to abuse them.

We will not remove emotes because someone would spam them from start to finish to be a jerk. Instead we would remove the jerk.

We will not remove chat because someone would use it to harass and annoy other players. Instead we would remove the jerk.

We will not remove the option to be an unusual support (ie: Rammus) because someone would choose it to be spiteful and punish his team by feeding kills. Instead we would remove the jerk.

We will not remove certain summoner spells because someone chose them specifically to get his team mates mad while he intentionally feeds the game. Instead we would remove the jerk.

We will not forbid you from buying more than 5 wards because someone may choose to write bad symbols with them. Instead we would remove the jerk.

There are plenty of other examples I can give. But essentially it boils down to this: If a person abuses features in game to be a jerk to team mates, then we will not be removing the feature: we will remove the jerk. As 99% of our community can use taunts without being a jerk, we will not be making a special case for a troll because they can't control themselves.

They should just stop being a jerk.

In this case I didn't use extra information to judge the case. The case has enough information about this player being a jerk. You can see from his games that he starts from the very beginning of the match to the very end spamming the same emote over and over again.

This is sufficient evidence to determine that he is indeed a jerk. I provided extra information to those who still seemed to be convinced that this person was just having some good natured fun. He wasn't. And he's trolled a great many games in the past.

A couple of issues here.

1) We can see from the tribunal case that he wasn't annoying just his enemies(not that this would suddenly make it okay). He was annoying his team mates who asked him to stop repeatedly across many games.
2) Playing "mind games" and being a jerk are not one in the same. You can play a lot of mind games, such as by faking out a player, denying them access in lane, and baiting them into traps; all of these don't involve you being a jerk.

1. Your comparing being Warned/Banned in a video game to being thrown in jail in real life……

2. It doesn't bother me to remind people to not be a jerk. I don't want people to be afraid of being banned. That's why I try to make it pretty simple for them to understand the Code. [COLOR="Red"]Don't be a jerk.[/COLOR]

3. I don't treat players as less of a person because they've been banned by the Tribunal. I've spent considerable time working with players to help them understand why they were banned by the Tribunal and what they can do to avoid additional bans in the future. I hate seeing people get banned from the game they love. But I've seen the effects that jerks have on our game and our players. If toxic players refuse to change their behavior and would rather ruin the experience of others then it leaves me with little choice.

4. The founders of the United States didn't have the Internet. And they didn't play League of Legends.

We think you can be a competitive minded person and not be a jerk. Outside the video game industry I think it's called "good sportsmanship".

I can see your point here, but it's important to keep in mind that the Tribunal system does not create a punishment based off of the crime. It works on a tiered system. Where toxic behavior is punished with an increasing suspension each time it is found.

In this player's case he had already been warned about his behavior beforehand, and he has elected to ignore the warning.

As I mentioned earlier no one is inclined to remove features because certain players are not responsible enough to use them properly. We would much rather remove the immature players who would be jerks in our game.

That's really cool to hear. I think at times everyone's tempted to be a jerk. But the benefits are few and far between. We should always keep in mind that we play League of Legends to have fun. If we're not having fun, perhaps we should take a break for a bit.

No. That's not what I said.

I said: [COLOR="Red"]Don't be a jerk.[/COLOR]

If you're spamming emotes from start to finish because you like to see everyone (including teammates) yell at you and beg you to stop, then you're being a jerk.

And you should stop.

If you get personal satisfaction from ruining other people's fun then you're being a jerk.

And you should stop.

If people ask you to stop trolling, and you do it even harder just to spite them then you're being a jerk.

And you should stop.

Time delay between emotes.


Problem solved.

"We will not insert delay between emotes!"
-Well why do you have a delay between chat messages if you send too many chat messages?

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hahahaha so many jerks qqing in this thread xD be a positive player...cmon..use common sense LOL

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DJay Saint:
So what you're saying is, if I'm ever in a game and someone uses any emotes in lane at me, I should report them and then get them banned because my little feelings got hurt? That big mean jerk!

Seriously, in EVERY game I play people use emotes all the time. Some times people will sit in front of your tower and spam the taunt emote in a mocking manner, or the laugh emote. Do I feel the need to cry about it and report them to get them banned? As long as they were talking trash in all chat and straight up flaming me and saying things like "you're a noob ******!", then not at all.

I just can't believe this is actually an acceptable punishment, and you justify it by a very vague rule that can only be defined by an OPINION. In fact, I remember Riot actually enabling emotes to be spammed a while ago, and a dev post or some sort of announcement actually advertising it so people CAN spam emotes.

Why punish someone for it if emotes were enabled this way on PURPOSE to BE SPAMMED? That's just stupid.

Is it annoying to listen to someone spam emotes all game? Yeah some times. However I don't feel the need to get teary eyed and go tell mommy. People need to grow up and stop being such a baby about things like this. There are MUCH worse things someone can do in a match than just use an emote, like purposely troll your team and lose intentionally (had that 2 games in a row tonight).

If he was harassing someone, calling them names, etc. then I can understand. If he's just using an emote that was intentionally designed to be spammed? That's bull****.
This extremely bothers me because this isn't based on rules. This is based off of personality and opinions. In one game, if you spam emotes the entire game, but no one seems to mind, then you would think its okay. However, in another game, where people can be oversensitive, it maybe not be okay. This makes it so that spamming emotes are based on whether people are hurt by it or whether they find it annoying while others can find it to be hilarious.
Pandamoniium xD:

That is all. unban the man
All what the above people said.

I've never been banned for emote spam, but if a player emote-spams me non-stop I just find that super-hilarious. So if some faint-hearted, over-sensitive kids and tribunal fanboys deem even the darn use of emotes to be offensive, just implement an option to disable them for good.
  • Stop implementing stuff and encourage people to use them just to immediately punish them for following your advice.
  • Stop punishing people for things that most part of rioters do too.
  • Stop banning people for not complying to the rules you've always refused to state once and for all.
  • Most of all, stop pushing for community self-regulation and endorsing that useless demagogic policy instead then being oligarchic and set those rules clearly, once and for all, and apply them to everyone.

The most offensive and annoying thing I've been forced to cope with while reading through this whole thread was having to withstand a player support lead bully being so jerk he thought he's been paid to call everyone else a jerk for not complying at the to the abstract anti-jerk rules he's too jerk to admit are totally lackluster.

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Calys Teneb

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TLDR for the thread.

OP got banned for being an ass. OP decided that he could get away with being an ass through emotes, thought he was clever. OP QQ'd when he got caught.

Wookie explains why.

OP and his supporters demand the following: "If it can be abused, then you should make it so it can't! Don't punish someone because you made something that can be abused!"

So now we're up to Prohibition again.

Finally "Ok, well now we're worried because we have no self-control. Either implement control for us so we don't have to exercise control or tell us exactly what the limits are so that we can try to get by with just enough dickery where we aren't punished! We still want to be a dick to people, we just don't want to be punished for it!"

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Fat Pigeon



I've seen this case emote spamming case before. And he fails the test. [COLOR="Red"]He was being a jerk.[/COLOR]

You can see in his matches that other players ask him to stop. They even do so nicely at some points. But this player doesn't care. [COLOR="red"]He doesn't care because he's being a jerk.[/COLOR]

From the Tribunal case linked in the original post, he is not asked nicely to stop. Looking at it, I see one person saying "stahp" at the beginning of one game and then once in that game and once in another the reported player is told to shut up (using some sexual slurs). Only twice in the four games in the Tribunal case is the emote issue even brought up in the game, and it is far from polite each time. Only four people out of the fourteen reporting him were apparently bothered enough to bring it up in the chat. If the player is not made aware of his actions (being called names doesn't count, in my book), I'm not certain the reported player is really too much at fault for annoying others. (Based solely on what I see in the linked Tribunal case.)

Further, these isolated "requests" that the player stop spamming are all at the beginning of the game. There is no evidence in the chat logs that the spamming continues past this early phase.

I won't argue whether or not the actual actions are in compliance with the Summoner's Code (if he truly was spamming all game, perhaps they are not), but I feel that there is no reason that this case should have been punished through the Tribunal, as there is no evidence supporting the reports. The fact that so many people voted punish is somewhat frightening. While there are lots of reports, there are only the few, isolated instances of the player being asked to stop early, and no other evidence supporting the reports. Based solely on the Tribunal case's evidence, the player should've been pardoned. Perhaps he was deserving of a manual ban (especially if he already had a warning), but this is not a type of case that should've gone through the Tribunal as it did.

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Let me guess... working as intended?... this tribunal is getting worse and worse everyday.

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Zeno Angel

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Oh man, its like the people who use the tribunal are the people who have the biggest bone to pick.


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The Exarkun

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Whether someone is being a jerk or not will be up to you to decide in game.

If you think they're being a jerk then report them.

If you think you're being a jerk in your games then be reasonable and stop.

You've only been reported in .04% of the games you've played currently. Generally players who end up in the Tribunal are reported anywhere from 12% to 30% of the games they've played. The average for non-toxic League of Legends player is less than 1% on NA. I hope this helps provide context of what kinds of players we're dealing with here in the Tribunal.

You shouldn't be verbally harassing other players ever, regardless of the circumstances. This can be especially true if you're already beating your opponent. Nothing's worse than beating an opponent when they're already down.

You want to win, and that's understandable. But we should always keep in mind that players come to League of Legends to have fun. Not get harassed by random strangers on the internet.

I do understand the jerk part but other riot employees have said we are allowed to spam emotes to our "hearts content"
http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=704999 (Under General)

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Janna F Kennedy



why are people not up in arms about this?... just proves how broken and inefficient the tribunal is. C'mon riot.