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Help me if you can!

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Great Pyrenees

Senior Member


I get bored sometimes with pvping and I want to see really good players at work in ranked games. This way I could improve, the problem is I dont know anyone and would like to add them to friends so I can relax after a hard day and enjoy their work. I need your help in finding the following please!

1 2k elo Reneckton player (Plays reneckton 80% of the time)
2 2k elo Heimerdinger player (etc etc)
3 2k elo Udyr player (etc so forth)
4 2k elo Taric player (yada yada)
5 2k elo Teemo player (you know it)
6 2k elo Cassiopia player (I know they exist!)

And thats it. This will help many boring nights. If you know them get them to send Great Pyrenees a friend invite and I will be honored and happy to learn from them! Or post your name in the forum and I will send you a friend request. Bumps appreciated and Dyrus if you should read this I am your #1 fan (well I havent subscribed yet) add me bro!