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so worse day ever

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Elan Tedronai

Senior Member


Why do people always **** on those that live life easy when they say they have a bad day? People that don't struggle for money can't have bad days? Who cares if their bad day is not as bad as your normal day, it's still worse than their normal day.

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Sir Rooster



Or i'm not a troll.

Sorry brah but I've been at the brunt end of this **** economy. I've been unemployed, qualified (veteran, bachelors degree, 4.0 gpa), I've spent time struggling and wondering where my next meal will come from.

Sorry that I dont think having to work an extra day and not getting to play a match with your brother is worth even being upset about (I'd love the hours at work) let alone upset enough to make a forum topic about it.

ooh what major?