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Random lag and disconnects since Elise patch and made worse by Zed Patch

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Junior Member


Ever since the Elise patch I've been having a large number of random disconnects of the "Attempting to reconnect" kind and while i'm unsure if its in my connection or not i can't seem to keep a stable connection to the servers and since the Zed patch earlier i've had a few games where i've had to re log into the game in order to get a stable connection

Anyone else who's been having this issue feel free to post it

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The Ending Bliss



I've got this and its really bugging me, I'm of course on the Zed patch, but I've played fine for a long time, since the realease of the patch, and just this week I've been getting the " Disconnected mid game ( 18:43 min mark) and am forced to end the task for the Launcher and the game, then have to log back in etc etc. Anyone have any solutions to this?

My internet is perfectly fine.