@Lyte, I'd enjoy the game more if your standards for behavior were relaxed a bit.

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Supporting this topic, will contribute at a later date.

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Originally Posted by Sereg Anfaug View Post
No, I don't see the point. If you feel the Tribunal is unfair, do something about it. Participate. You can come cry on the forums about how all the Tribunal judges are too strict, or you can join the Tribunal judges and moderate their decisions with your own more lenient judgments. Get your friends who feel the same way to do so as well. Make an actual change.

As for your post at the top of the page:

"Please do not click Pardon unless you feel this person's behavior is benign enough to warrant them not recieving so much as a warning. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who have to play with them, and ask if you would expect to be required to tolerate that kind of behavior when it's directed at you. Furthermore, if you click 'Pardon' too often on cases that don't deserve it, you will lose your privileges to participate in Tribunal."

It goes both ways. Sure, I've seen cases that I've voted Pardon on get Punished, but I also see the opposite happening, with similar frequency.
Why would anyone who doesn't get a pleasure out of judging and punishing others care enough to participate in the tribunal? Why should someone have to start some movement/society discourse change just to expect a reasonable standard to be set?