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so what do we think about a champion who can copy other's abilities like his ult he targets one champion and you have a random chance to steal one of their abilites this effect is increased based on his ults lv so the higher the level the more likely he could steal a better ability like at max level he has a chance to steal their ultimates. the first level he has a chance to steal either their q or w at level 2 he gets the chance to steal either their q w or e and at the last level we add the ult to the mix. and these replace his other abilites (you pick which one you want to get rid of the only thing that is constant is his ult and his passive) this is just in its basic stages of development in my mind so if this seems like a good idea ill post the final verson some time in the near future.

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I had actually thought of this before my idea went like this,

level one all of his basic abilities read as "Roulette - Activate: Randomly gives you a ability that target champion has, copies its condition on that champion." or in other words yes you have a chance of getting there ultimate but it would be copied as is from the target and you could only level it up at level 6/11/16 as if it was your own but you also have the chance to copy there unlocked level one skill.

All of his skills start at level 0 and can only be leveled as normal if they copy a un-level basic ability or if you copy a ult copied at the proper levels

His ult would be "Lucky Roll - Passive: up to a max of 2 stacks you have a 'lucky chance' stack you gain a stack every 3 minutes. Activating Lucky Roll uses one stack. Activate: refunds all level up points and returns your basic abilities back to Roulette." Also this doesn't change per 5 levels like Karma just in case you take someone else's ultimate.

But that is just me I for one would like to see what you come up with so please do post it when you get him or her fleshed out some more.