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Looking for new duos!

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(Cough) I am pdugg45 here with the new season and Im looking for good duo partners to start the season off with. I've only played 2 games to start off my season and once I start getting ratings after game 10 i want to win win win. I main jungle but I can do all roles.

Im looking for a DUO who must have these characteristics
1.Has to ward (wards win games)
2.Has to know their champions matchups well ( I don't want someone telling me they can counter darius with talon lol)
3.Has to have skype simply so we can communicate faster on ganks and etc
4. Does not rage ( I am a honorable opponent for a reason and I don't want teammates who can't keep their composure in a cpu game lol)
5. You know how to finish game ( when we have the game won I don't need ppl pinging objectives over turret kills) Hello 5 turrets to nexus lol on either lane.
6.Have fun!

So if you want to duo let me know message me and add me (pdugg45) so we can play!