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Riot, come up with an early surrender option in Treeline

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The thing about the Treeline is that a dc screws you over almost no matter what. I don't think that we should be stuck in a losing game for 15 minutes. It is not fun for the team with the leaver, and it is also not fun for the team without the leaver. It makes the game a complete waste of time. Complaining about a problem without offering a solution is in essence useless.

Therefore i propose an early surrender option for the treeline:
-If someone is disconnected for 6 minutes the other two should be able to surrender.

Let's be honest sometimes things happen that cause disconnects. After 6 minutes of afk from a game becomes almost impossible(unless they dc). Please give us some way to avoid frusteration. It feels like 5 people are being punished for somene else's dc.