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@Nome: Twisted Treeline Average Elo

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Hey Nome,

you seem to be the TT lead Rioter, so I adress this to you. Feel free to point me to somebody else!

I am curious about the average TT Ranked Team Elo. My theory is that it is not actually 1200, as one would expect. Here is why:

Solo queue Elo is a largely a zero-sum game. If somebody gains Elo, someone else has to lose it. So the average Elo always stays close to 1200. I suspect that this is not the case for ranked teams. If a team that is considerably above 1200 Elo disbands, the difference is removed from the system. Due to the ease of ranked team creation and the tediousness of leveling to 30, this is probably more common than the corresponding effect on solo queue Elo when somebody gives up their account.

I also think it is skewed towards teams above 1200 Elo, for the following reasons: We actually tried to get to gold on the new TT before S2 end. I am currently not even silver rated, and my friends are probably around 1300, maybe a bit more. However, we had quite a good showing (good map knowledge, playing strong personal champs) and got within two victories of our goal. Then we got hit by a series of teams consisting entirely of platinum players. Of course, vastly outskilled, we lost most of those and all the Elo gains with it. When I checked the next day where that teams ended up, some did not exist anymore, but the players were in similarly named teams around 1800 Elo.
There was also a reddit thread a few days ago pointing to people with ridiculous ranked stats (215 and 15 or so). Since you can no longer dodge-lower your Elo, the conclusion was that people would form a ranked team, stomp lower ranked teams and then disband, rinse and repeat. It's also not helping that newbie island is quite large for ranked teams, so , for example, a 13 and 7 team that has found their true Elo at 1350 will be matched with a 2 and 0 team at 1300, be defeated easily and lose a lot of Elo, because they are the supposedly stronger team. Tteam at 1300 will eventually gain back their Elo if they play enought games against other teams of their skill level, of course; and the platinum team will eventually be ranked platinum. Or disband and stomp the 1350 Elo team again

This thread is not meant to whine. It occured to me, however, that this loophole might have a measurable effect on the average Elo of TT teams (I would also be curious, if this were true, on how close we got to "gold tier" = average + 20,5%). So tell me, cause I ned to know!