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Thoughts after my first few games.

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Husher D316

Senior Member


First off i have to say, awesome job! cant tell you how much it rocks to finally play on my mac XD
Now, to business...

Machine Type: MacbookPro
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
Settings Levels: All High with no shadows (not for performance, more preference)

As i start up my second game, the first game was a practice to see what settings i wanted, i enter the loading screen. The only problem i've had there was that two of my teammates had blue boxes where there characters should have been.
In game the game runs excellent, only minor frame rate drops during team fights but nothing that cant be dealt with (if they really bothered me i could turn down the settings). the only noticeable problem was that the recall icon was too small for the box (roughly 1/4 the size of the box).
the only thing i've noticed about the client is that when i went to report a person, all of the options in the drop down menu were white with white text until i scrolled over them, i dont know if this is supposed to be like this as it was my first time reporting a player though.
Once again Awesome job!
Edit: I should also add that i am running with two monitors no problem