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Bug - Fiddle ult no channel break during taunt

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Felicious Bob

Junior Member


Was playing a really good TT match last night as galio. In a team fight at the end of the match I flash onto the enemy team and begin my ult/taunt. I end up catching their entire team in the ult (Fiddlesticks, Renekton, Sejuani). Despite being in the taunt Fiddlesticks continued to cast his ultimate and eventually got it off. I should note that Fiddlesticks did not have a banshee's veil, cleanse, nor quicksilver sash.

I asked the other team after the fact how Fiddlesticks was able to channel his ult during my taunt. Renekton mentioned that he had activated his stun when he saw me coming in, thus stunning me when he was taunted. If Fiddlesticks had begun channeling his ult before my taunt, though, any amount of my taunt should have stopped his channel.

I have come up with two possible situations that could have happened:
1) Fiddlesticks was somehow immune to my taunt whilst channeling.
2) Renekton was able to stun me momentarily after I began my taunt, but the animation of the taunt continued. After the immediate stun is when Fiddlesticks would have begun his ultimate and to me it would appear that because the animation is continuing the taunt was continuing to work.


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Galio's ultimate isn't an ongoing taunt that forces everyone to attack you for two seconds. His ultimate is a series of quick casting taunts. If your opponent has merc treads or any tenacity items they have the option to cast moves during your ultimate. This is not a bug.