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Darius Ultimate Cooldown

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When Darius was first release, his ultimate came with a slight "grace period" where if Noxian Guillotine almost killed the target, it still refreshed the cooldown. I remember in the next patch that this grace period was taken away, but in the past few games I have seen three instances where Darius didn't kill the target with his ultimate but the champion still died, and yet he just threw down the ultimate onto another target anyway. On one occasion I had taken the kill by accident about a fourth of a second after the ultimate came down, and he still threw it down on a nearby enemy. I was under the impression that Darius was supposed to land the killing blow in order to get the cooldown refresh, but I have seen something different in three different games.

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These posts have been pretty much ignored by Riot, more than likely they insist that this has been "Resolved." Kind sir I have too felt your pain and have gone so far as to attach videos of this occurring after it was "fixed."