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Forming a new team ~1300 elo.

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Lux Eternus

Senior Member


Major Edit

Update 28/11/2012

I'd like to officially welcome our third member, Blancka, who plays AP Carry.
alyriae was the second member, and mains Support.

That means there is only jungle and support left folks- wrapping that up today hopefully.

Update #2 for today.

Try outs are being held at EST (American- thats GMT -5) between 8-12pm. Try outs end wednesday this week.
Last chance to get in. If you can't make it- and still want in, PM me/comment here if im not on. Something may be able to be arranged.


Update 26/11/2012 (d/m/y)- 28/11/2012
Hello all,

Im just updating this again with some of the results of the recent tryouts, and those that made it to the second stage of tryouts. If you didn't get into the first stage, don't worry, as there will be a second stage (kind of like double elimination) to see who gets in. I figure everyone deserves two shots. Anyways, as i haven't played with everyone yet, this isn't a complete list, stage two tryouts are as follows:

PoPo Knight

People removed from tryouts because they either couldn't make it/weren't what i was looking for.
Tek it eazy

Will update more after this game.


Update 20/11/2012 (d/m/y)
Hey everyone again,

So, after giving people a chance to join up as a final call, i've decided that the official try outs will be this weekend. So thats the weekend of the 23-25 of this month. Extra bonus points may be given to people who join my games on a regular basis. So if you wish to get to know me, and some of the people you'll be playing against over the weekend, just give me a message if you see me online.

If i've yet to add you online/you want to be in this- let me know asap.

Current plan is: friday night-saturday morning to play with the GMT positive people, and saturday night/sunday morning to play with the GMT negative people. Note that because of the time difference, if you are GMT negative, it's pretty much saturday morning and evening. Exact times soon(tm).

Hope to game with you all soon- and best of luck in your league games.

Update 18/11/2012 (11/18/2012 for Americians)
Hey everyone, it's me again. So, after having a lot of waiting- here are the tryouts:
Adding your fellow team mates and coming up with a strategy is perfectly acceptable. Also note that i will be making 2 teams, one that i'm a part of, and entering any tournaments i'm invited to, and hoping to grab 5 others to scrim against, about twice a week. They will also be our "subs", so if you're *not* interested, be sure to let me know, otherwise i'll probably invite you to that team. ^.^

Team 1: (gmt +8)
Support: The Naked Phone
Jungle: ODesired
Mid: Hypercolour
Top: ThatAndyGuy

Team 2: (gmt -8 to gmt -5)
Support: Iamshanka
Jungle: ETank
Mid: Blanka
Top: Bioshaft

Team 3: (gmt -8 to gmt -6)
ADC: SKT Realize
Support: Bunnyshmoo
Jungle: TPxTxBry7447
Mid: ARealNobody
Top: MrJin

Team 4: (gmt -10 to gmt -5)
ADC: Laracay
Support: Streamline
Jungle: Nimblewick
Mid: Argrista
Top: Darkwolff88

Team 5 (gmt +6 to gmt +10)
ADC: Me (most likely)
Support: Corrotcolossus
Jungle: Elo Grinder
Mid: Tek it eazy
Top: Kiddcloud

Team 6 (timezone unknown)
Support: TBA
Jungle: Dj Patricia
Mid: TBA
Top: TBA

edit if i've put you in a spot you don't like, let me know asap- post here if im not online. I'll swap you if i can.

My current plan is to do a set of scrims against each other, i.e. Teams 2v3- 3v4- 2v4- 1v5 etc. Currently this should work with the timezones differences, as the biggest gap is team 4, witch has a 5 hour difference, if the poses a problem, i can step in. I've played with a lot of you already, and i know you're really good- all of you. I hope you're all still interested, if not, let me know as i'll have to organise something else.

Also, don't stress if your team loses, i'll be watching how you play, as well as how you interact with the team. The offical voip will be Skype, as everyone seems to have it. If you wanna use anything else, let me know, as i'll be listening in on skype to hear how you guys interact with each other- and to see if anyone rages/says negative things constantly. Critism is only good if its constructive. Saying "noob stop feeding" does nothing but make the person feel worse. Saying "warding top bush, and letting him push the lane will help against ganks- then continue to point out where the enemy jungler is if you have vision.

For anyone else who is interested
There is a few days left, but not long. I'll only be adding one more group, at best, and that means there is only one position left in each role, first in, best dressed. Hope to game with you all later.

>And relax everyone. Don't stress about having a bad game, play your best, and remember, you have 3 games to show me how you play. Best of luck and "may the odds be ever in your favour." -Hunger Games.<

Hey there, my name is IAmYourAlly, and i'm interested in making a new team. I want this to be semi serious, where everyone is willing to try their best and constantly improve. You have to be willing to take criticism and watch replays of our games. You must always have a positive attitude- play to win, and also to have fun.

I don't want to hear any of this "surrender" business.

A bit about myself

I'm not the best player- i'll be the first to admit. Its likely that you aren't either. However, i'm willing to get better, and so should you. I mainly play adc/mid, and started playing LoL about a year ago. I think i've gotten slightly better, and im learning a few things.

I'm a community based guy, i love helping people. I'm here to play well though, so i don't want to hear excuses, and sometimes i can come off as harsh- don't take it personally though, i'm just suggesting things. ^.^

Give me criticism as well- its the only way to get better.

For anyone interested i'm 19 and live in Australia, currently a student.

Before you ask to join/A bit about the team

Currently, there is no one "official" as part of the team. I mainly play ADC's but no positions are set in stone. Edit Happily willing to give a position that i enjoy to someone else if they are better. Note however that positions are not set in stone, so feel free to apply even if you are best at ADC.

i) Must have a mic and skype is preferable.
ii) Must not rage at out fellow teams. If I/a fellow team mate calls you out for something and you argue, blame everyone but yourself- i don't want you.
iii) Really, this is a team, but i want us to all be friends. Perhaps we'll be able to be moderately successful.
iv) Personality and open mindness is greater than elo. A sense of humour is also a plus. Happy to consider anyone 1000+ in season 2. Season 3 being a fresh start of course.

A fellow summoner worded this very well (with the obvious differences: ignore the ping thing; elo; some personal life situations are okay, everyone gets caught up)

You must be:
i. At or above platnium rating (~1700 will be considered with extra information/recommendations)
ii. A team player. You can't lose your head early, mid, or late game. You must be in it to win it.
iii. Dedicated. I don't care what you have going on in your personal life, im sorry. I don't, and the team won't, have time to wait around for you on scrim nights.
iv. Have a solid setup. You have to have a pretty top-grade system. Average ping of ~100 or so. You must also have a working mic WITHOUT BACKGROUND NOISE OR FEEDBACK.
v. A sense of humour. This WILL be a serious team, however, we do want to not only be teammates, but also friends.
vi. The ability to analyse. After every win/lose we will talk about we did right or wrong, which includes watching full replays. Patience is a virtue.

Real Name:
Top/Current Soloq:
Compet. Experience: Not required- but earns you extra credit
Role(keep it to one if you can):
Best Champions(in said role):
Usual Activity (how often you play and when)

Team Name: TBA (will be chosen by the team)
Play Caller: TBA (chosen by team)
Team Captain: That'd be me- no real advantage here apart from choosing who joins/leaves.

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Junior Member


IGN: Kiddcloud
Real Name: Blake
Top/Current Soloq: 1200-1300 solo ranking
Compet. Experience: Nothing other then Solo Que
Role(keep it to one if you can): Top Lane (although i play Mid equally well)
Best Champions(in said role): Irellia, Olaf, Jax (Katarina, Vlad, Lux if i was mid)
Timezone: +10 GMT (live in Victoria)
Usual Activity (how often you play and when) i play most nights logging on about 7 until 10-11 and weekend during the days some times but this can be random.

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Lux Eternus

Senior Member


Oh, and ashamed i didn't mention this- my names Daniel.

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Senior Member


League of Legends MiniSeries1
(All details will be discussed in-depth with teams once they are registered.)


The League of Legends MiniSeries is a mild-ELO showcase pitting 32 teams from NA & EU against each other in a 15-week point-based season. My goal is to highlight & help lower-level players that would like to experience low-scale competitive play while bettering themselves & preparing for a higher level of competition. I would also like to give players finding it difficult to advance in the community an outlet to grow.

All games will be held on NA servers. However, this does not limit the season to only NA teams. If you are willing to adhere to the schedule & you have a team on EUW, you will also be allowed to compete.

As stated earlier, I am looking to highlight mild-ELO players/teams. In order to qualify, you must be between 1250-1800ELO. This means that no team or member of a team reached 1800ELO at the end of Season 2, & no team or member of a team will be above 1800ELO by Saturday, January 5 [Start of Week1]. If your team is registered & breaches 1800ELO or a member of your team breaches 1800ELO, your team will be disqualified. I AM NOT ENCOURAGING TEAMS TO NOT STRIVE FOR A BETTER RATING!!! These are the specific rules for this event. Mods will be keeping track of individual/team ratings through the pre-season.


32 teams will be divided into 2 conferences, 16 teams each. [Jungle/River Conference]. From there, teams will further be divided into team brackets, 8 teams each. [Jungle Conference: Lizard/Golem Brackets | River Conference: Baron/Dragon Brackets]. Teams will then be divided into groups within their respective brackets, 4 teams each. To clear this up: There will be 4 teams in a group, 2 groups in a bracket, 2 brackets in a conference.

Teams will compete over the course of the season to gain a series of Group Points & Series Points. These will be what determines your placement throughout the season & will ultimately decide what teams advance to Round 2, & furthermore, the playoffs.

The season will be divided into 2 rounds. Round 1 is focused on Group Play, or Group Points. Teams will strive to be in the top 3 teams from their respective groups. At the end of Round 1, the bottom team from each group will be eliminated. Groups in each bracket will then merge, creating 4, 6-team brackets. Round 2 will have teams focusing on Bracket Play, or Series Points. Teams will compete to earn a spot at the top 4 of their brackets. At the end of Round 2, the bottom 2 teams from each bracket will be eliminated, leaving 4 teams left per bracket. 8 teams in each conference. 16 teams overall. Teams will then be seeded by conference & will enter a single-elimination playoff bracket.

All games are currently scheduled for Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. Matches during the week prove to be too complicated to arrange for all teams/mods/etc. You can expect most matches to be held during the evening in North America. Full schedules will be sent to each team once the whole league table has been filled.


GamerGrind G2
No Life For DD
Umbra Gaming uG
Digital Descent DiDes
Altus Cogite Gaming xACGx
Elite Gladiators EG
Dry Roasted Almonds Almond
Innate Gaming InG
Meddling Gamers MedGs
School Sucks TnTech
Fancy Suits and Trading FSnT
iionic Spark iios
The Exalted Ones XLTD
Noob Team GG Forlan
Team Clever CLEVER
Sultans SULTAN

Team Not Today TnT
Motion eSports 3 MTN3
Legends Never Die LND
The Harmless Carrys THC
Caught In a Bad Bromance CIBB
Team Solo Feed TSF
+10 TBA


1st Place | $1000 + $100 RP + Entry in Series2
2nd Place | $250 + $50 RP + Entry in Series2
3rd/4th Place | Entry in Series2


E-Mail: [email]LoL_MiniSeries@yahoo.com[/email]
IGN: LoLMiniSeries
I am currently searching for a team of moderators, casters, streamers & promoters to help launch & run this successfully. If you are interested, please contact me. If you are a team interested in competing in MiniSeries1, please fill out the registration form below IN THE EXACT FORMAT & send it to the e-mail above. Once your e-mail has been sent, please add this account in-game & notify the Mod.


Team Name:
Team Tag:
Team Location:
Team Clan/Sponsor:
Team Life-Span:
Tourneys Played:
Tourneys Won:
Team Captain:
Team Captain E-Mail:

ROSTER [Summoner Names, Roles, Current ELO/Season 2 ending ELO]
Solo Lane:
AD Carry:
AP Carry:

SUBSTITUES [1 Minimum]

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Lux Eternus

Senior Member


Sounds good- just organizing the team and getting back to you.

Still have some positions left- roles not finalized. Feel free to add me in game.

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Lux Eternus

Senior Member


Looking to get this done before the weekends out.

Got enough people for a team- but wanting to see if anyone wants to try out.

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Junior Member


Hey folks, I'm looking to join a semi-serious league team. I am currently captain of a team of some of my friends and we just barely missed silver last season for fives (1246 -_-) and just barely missed gold for 3s (1393). Currently am unranked in solo/duo queue, but I'm looking to get off the ground.

IGN: TApTxBry7447
Real Name: Dakota
Top/Current Soloq: Top from last season 1323, but was before they did new rewards, so I didnt get silver banner :/
Compet. Experience: Have competed in 3 tourneys with other teams.
Role(keep it to one if you can): Jungle is probably my best (I can jungle with any champ) although am incredibly versatile and feel just as comfortable in any of the other roles
Best Champions(in said role): Udyr/Lee Sin (Jungle) Jarvan (Top or jungle) Talon (Jungle, top or mid) and Ezreal (ADC)
Timezone: US Central Time
Usual Activity (how often you play and when) Time varies around my school schedule, but I am usually free to play everyday after four and all day on the weekends

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A Kayle Appears

Junior Member


IGN: SKT Realize
Real Name: Tony
Top/Current Soloq: Last season: 1350s
Compet. Experience: Starcraft 2, Masters League
Role(keep it to one if you can): ADC
Best Champions(in said role): Caitlyn, Graves, Ezreal
Timezone: PST
Usual Activity (how often you play and when) 6-12 PM PST

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Real Name: Gavin
Top/Current Soloq: 1322/1250(last season hovered 1280-1320 at the last part. was climbing. )
Compet. Experience: Not required- but earns you extra credit: I've played in tournaments such as ESEA, CAL, CEVO etc for the counter strike games starting around 4 years ago. I've also played Starcraft2 competitively.(small lans/online tourneys. Masters league protoss for 5 seasons)
Role(keep it to one if you can): ADC
Best Champions(in said role): Ezreal(exceptional) graves/sivir/corki(all played well)
Timezone: pst
Usual Activity (how often you play and when) Every day anywhere from 3-10 p.m. pst

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Lux Eternus

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Remember to send me a message --in game-- if you add me. Tell me you're from the forums/interested in joining.