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Darius items in TT

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Whats the best itemization build for Darius in TT?

Thanks in advance

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I usually start with boots+ruby crystal, or heart of gold then boots. Build boots into Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi. Then start up a phage > vampiric scepter > frozen mallet or sanguine blade depending on if you need damage or slowing them down more. After those 3 items, build that Heart of Gold into the new TT mace (Pillager), then the last two slots should have an armor and MR item (perhaps Atmas and Maw of Malmortius)

So, in the end it goes like...
- Heart of gold + boots (into Mercs/Tabi)
- Phage + Vampiric Scepter
- Frozen Mallet + Sanguine Blade
- Turn HoG into Lord Van Damm's Pillager
- Atma's Impaler + Maw of Malmortius (or Thornmail/Force of Nature)

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Core Darius is Warden's Mail + Brutalizer + Merc/Tabi + HoG. After that, get tanky vs whatever the enemy team is killing you with. Randuin's is fantastic and almost always where I go after that core; the active is OMG good, the passive slow is OMG good, and Darius wants all the cooldown% he can get. From there, there's flexibility. For more armor, you can get Grez, Frozen Heart against heavy autoattack teams, or Atma's in the late game where it's more efficient. Against heavy magic damage, Hexdrinker->Maw of Malmortius is very good, offering damage to scale Darius' abilities, and Banshee's Veil is synergistic with a potential Atma's Impaler pickup while hard countering burst casters.

Against all but the most magic damage focused teams, Warden's Mail is, IMHO, core. The regen, armor, and especially the passive are all fantastic for jungle clearing and sustain.

I don't like Vamp Scepter on Darius. He doesn't do enough autoattack damage and it doesn't vamp off his spin, bleed, or ult, which are a huge proportion of his overall damage.

Does the spell vamp on Lord Van Damm's vamp off Darius' spin? I haven't tried it yet. On the one hand, Darius does do a lot of damage in an AE with his spin, so I suppose he might vamp quite a bit off that. On the other hand, a large proportion of his damage is his ult, so you won't vamp as much as you might think until the very end of the fight. Win or lose, the vamp will happen very late in the fight, quite possibly too late (and definitionally too late in a 1v1, win or lose) for it to make a big difference. Everything else that Van Damm's does is fantastic, though, and I'm not sure what price premium it carries for its spell vamp.