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3 gripes I have, and my answer. Bring on yo thumbs

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1. Lanes are really long. If you zone someone out or kill, it's hard to push on the tower before they get back or the other lane comes.

2. Speed boost. Why's it there? The laners already havnt got wards, and there are multiple entrance paths to each lane(huge long skinny lane). Also, I've had wierd situations where I ganked top and had bot get to me before the gank was over, I know small and reactive is good, but it's too much free speed.

3. I want red back. Red's fun! the blocking skirmishes and smite steals, good times. Maybe we'll have an incentive to take smite. . . well maybe if the rest of the jungle was harder too.

So how about we stick the Red buff lizard where the speed boost was, and shorten the map horizontally just a bit. Just shrink the middle 10 - 15% of the map, we'd be good.

edit: I'm not unhappy with the remake, just my 2c