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Twisted Tree line beta

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Hello, I'd like to compliment you on your fine work on the graphics of the new beta. However for the rest of the map, its awful. Here is a list of reasons why i dislike the new map,
1. The Altars, i don't want to have to capture things, if i wanted to do so I'd play dominion
2. The Items, I like that you added items, however they're not worth taking away the ones you did.
3. Wards, wards are very important in 3, even in this version
4. The bases, I don't ( and many others) want to make the games "shorter" we played twisted tree line because we liked the map better not so the game would end quicker. Also it ended about the same as before
5.The Bases continued, Turtle was a great part of the game, the thrill of being able to turn the game around was one of the best parts
6. The map size, It is to easy to get around now, before it took a little time. Now however champions are ganking you before you have time to say MIA

Those are my thoughts, I do have some advise though, inside of getting rid of the old twisted tree line why don't you just turn this new TTL into a different map all together, that way you can have two maps for dominion. And just change the graphics of the old twisted tree line like what you did with Summoner's rift. Thank you for your time ~DBZeke