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So I booked this week off for vacation back in March - good idea

Decided I was going to do a road trip down to Lynchburg TN to visit the JD distillery with a couple of friends - great idea

Friends can't get time off work and don't tell me until September except for one guy. Trip cancelled.

Work's busy so I tell my boss I'm only going to take Monday Tuesday off instead, work out a new plan with one friend to do a weekend trip to Chicago.

Friend calls me up Thursday and says his passport expired in August. Trip cancelled again, hotel will only credit me for 50% of the cost, plane ticket will not refund any of the cost but will give me the value in a credit good for 1 year.

Wasted most of Monday then decided to install a range-hood over my stove after procrastinating for the last 6 months.

Went to Home Depot, rented a coring bit to drill through the brick on the side of the house, ran new electrical for range hood, installed range-hood.

Cupboard next to range hood will not open because range hood sticks out too far....

Remount hinges on cupboard on opposite side, handle is now on top left rather than bottom right.... looks ridiculous.


tl:dr ama