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Skill shots not working properly

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Logged into the Game Client
Clicked on "Play Game."
Joined a game called "game, won't change anything," hosted by "also irrelevant"
Was on the Blue Team, but that doesn't change things.
Entered Champion Selection Page
Selected Champion "Caitlyn", although any skillshot champion will do for this.
Game Launch
Game Loaded
Killed lots of stuff 'cause I'm Cait.
Saw a tower that needed saving from the evil minions
Watched my Q go backwards

Is repeatable for every skillshot using champion I've tested so far, Olaf Q, Cait Q, Ashe R, Ez Q. You don't even have to kill anything for it to fail on you, just teleport and skillshot. I accept that Flash needs a higher CD and Teemo needs another skin, but it'd be nice if this one could be fixed. I guess I could just take Flash instead, but I like going across maps rather than across minions.

Although given how long this bug has existed, is it a difficult bug to fix?