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[New Champion] Japoden

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Dunny Apocalypse

Junior Member


Riot, we need a new yordle.
No mushrooms-loving yordles though.
We need a PANDA YORDLE!!! named Japoden
So basically Japoden is a panda yordle with a mushroom looking javelin (so i guess he is mushroom loving.)


damage: 45.5(+3)
health: 392(+89)
mana: 243(+23)
move speed: 310
armor: 18(+3.5)
spell block: 32(+0)
health regen: 4.7(+0.7)
mana regen: 7(+0.4)


Q: Smashing Blow- Hits the enemy on the head with his Javelin dealing damage and stunning.
active: Deals 90/120/150/210/270 (+0.8) attack damage and stuns for .25/.25/.5/.5/1 second
cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana
range: 250

W: Vault- Lauches himself forward a short distance and increases his speed.
passive: increase movement speed by 10/13/15/20/25%
active: launches himself forward for a short duration and passive effect is doubled for .25/.25/.5/.5/1 second
cost: 50 mana
range: 0

E: Swing- Swings javelin back and forth in a semicircle dealing damage and increasing crit rate.
passive: increases crit rate from 200% to 220%
active: swings javelin in a semicircle and then back; enemies take extra damage on the second swing if they were hit by the first swing too.
cost: 70/80/90/100/120 mana
range: 300

R: Javelin Bomb- He throws large javelin up onto desired location dealing large damage, knockback, and stun.
active: throws large javelin onto location dealing large damage, knockback, and .5/.5/1/1/1.5 second stun.
cost:100/120/150 mana
range: 790

Panda Fury- Gains attack damage equal to 5% of his max health for 10 seconds when his health goes below 20%. (1 minute cooldown)

Japoden is a panda yordle who wears a hat (like temple jax) uses and javeling that comes to a blunt (and kind of looks like a small mushroom cap at the top) and wears a headband/bandana
Japoden is ideal for solo top and jungle (and i guess with all the stuns, he might be able to support a bit)

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Senior Member


you suck so bad.......

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Well, wrong forum .