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The Beserker's rage

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The lone warrior stood in the snow. Blinding hail fell all around him, but he felt nothing, his eyes fixed upon the man ahead. Olaf took a step forward and roared with all his might. The other man laughed. "Getting scared Olaf? You don't deserve the title of Berserker if you are afraid of death," The man had barely time to react as an axe came whipping through the snow and buried itself unto the ground next to him. A split second later, Olaf came charging through the blizzard and tackeled his opponent to the ground. A brutal kick was launched into the stomach of the Beserker and Olaf grimaced in pain before retaliating with a powerful jab to the chest. The man launched a desperate punch to Olaf's temples, but Olaf merely smiled as he pummled the man's face with furious blows. "YOU DARE TO THINK YOU CAN MATCH ME? YOU DARE?" Olaf interlocked each word with a brutal punch. Amazingly, the man was still alive. He groaned as Olaf picked him up. "Vile dog" Olaf spat "Where is your composure now?" With a grunt, he threw the man over 10 meters across the glacier and began the trek to his village.

"Olafsson the Beserker, tried and found guilty of the murder of High Council Member Sert Greyback. You will be executed tomorrow at first light. So be it Olafsson, child of Liefsson! Repent and maybe the great lord Aesir will let you enter Harjal, the land of the blessed, when you die!" Olaf roared in protest. "Sert was planning something! He told me Lokfar would not stand for much longer! If you do not listen to what I have to say-" "Lead the prisoner out, I find his ramblings entertaining, but worthless"

A chained Olaf was led out of the courtroom, whitefaced and furious. "I AM INNOCENT! I AM INNOCENT!" he roared. As Olaf was taken toward the prison, his guards unlocked his chains. "What is this? You want me to run so you can hunt me down for sport?" Olaf spat. The guards removed their helmets and Olaf realised them as the Lokfarian soldiers he had trained. They were deathly loyal to him, and valued his safety more than their lives "A boat is ready for you sir, we will leave with you as an evil has fallen over Lokfar. We do not know what, but Lokfar is not the same place it was when you left." Olaf grinned "Let us find more men to support out cause, and brings these dogs to justice. The men roared together and they headed towards the dock

Meanwhile, alone in the courtroom the judge chuckled. "Sert,your death was not in vain. Olafsson will be executed tomorrow, and with him dead,no one will know the truth. No one will dare to challenge us since the champion of Lokfar is dead. No one will know that Lokfar will soon be under control of the empire of Noxus!"

I will be updating frequently, but do not expect long updates, I dont have the time for that. Peace be with you, and may the might of Lokfar PREVAIL!