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AP in season 3 seems very stronk

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Right so just looking at three items
Seraph's Embrace
Wigglet's witchcap
Hextech Sweeper
It seems like AP mid will be a very strong contender for the next season. Lategame beasts like Singed and Ryze will be unkillable with seraph's embrace but hextech sweeper just seems to decimate bot lane. Imagine AP sion ganking bot, they back off, he drops the dust and kills a ward every minute. It just seems that with hextech, bot lane will get wrecked... and with the revival of zhonya's hourglass, an item taken out because it was too strong because it gave Offensive and Defensive... it just seems AP is a little too strong. this coming from someone who only plays mid (well)

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I could be mistaken, but I thought they were only being released on dominion and TT?