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How to play support

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My favourite support is Kayle not only because I have her legendary skin but because shes awsome
I can support anyone Taric, Kayle, Sona, Soraka, Janna
protect the adc first
the one thing I always do is if my adc is at 400 and im at 200 heal them first because they arnt targeting the support and you got to rember that or else you going 0/0/0 and your adc is going 0/5/0
Dont take the cs
im great at this in the laning phase I get at the most 20 cs and my adc is at over 100 if their good at last hitting seriously when im the adc and i'm about to get the last hit but lux's attack gets their first. Having a melee support is easy to get rid of the stealing minon kills problem
Always Let Your Adc get the kill
early today I was supporting kayle and soaka was afk at their turret with no-one else around at about 100 health and my adc wouldnt get the kill so my job to do whatever I can to get that kill for my adc first I tell her to turret dive and she says okay and I shield her the first turret bullet comes at her and she runs away then I heal her full and tell her to do it again first bullet comes at her she turns around so I just stand inside the turret and wait for her to get the kill and since the turret targeted her after she hit her once she ran back and I took the turet once again soraka didnt even have a seeable health bar anymore and finally caitlyn turnd around and killed her
Do whatever you can to not die/die first
do whatever you can to get out of their stun slow blow away heal but if that doesnt work heal your adc and turn around and run into all 3 of them they will attack you and let your adc get away y becasue its more important they live then you
seriously it saves your life because if you get ganked its your fault and you cant save the adc no matter how much heal or shield you got