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Riot fix the home laser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lord Pudding Cup

Senior Member


*******http://www.picvalley.net/u/2498/73278171236645329013527809681QDDuW252d3XvqA7A22f_s.JPG******** (http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2498/73278171236645329013527809681QDDuW252d3XvqA7A22f.JPG)

Please see this video, notice diana chased all the way to top of the home stairs she reached the top and only then got shot by laser chasing me... then sion chased up... after she was dead GOT STUNNED on the second step! And not 1 second even of laser shot him!!!!!!!!!!!

So where the hell does the home laser engage the top of the stairs? Seriously? I mean i understand u didnt want the dragging of minions, but wtf do u see how far that is you basically took it from "lets not give the defenders any advantage" to "screw the defenders"

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who f@cking cares if they get in ur base your @$$ is toast. The new turrets melt like butter and F@ck me if I have seen one recovery from losing and inhibitor in this new twisted tree Suck.