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I need some help with Ryze builds - screw solomid

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I actually got a penta 1st time Ryze, NO LIE.

The penta was lucky, and unofficial(missed timer by 3 seconds).

I have been building Ryze mid by going bootsx3 or manastonex1.

The question is what should I get first trip back. I try to rush tear of the goddess, then start wondering what to do next. RoA? Hell.. Rylais's, seems like it gives hp but useless for Ryze, or I'm just wrong.

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I rush Tear, and try to not buy boots 1 until I have tear.

If you want tankiness out of Ryze, Rod of Ages, Frozen Heart, and Banshee's Veil will all give you some survivability while also increasing your damage output.

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Grats on your penta. Always fun. :-)

You should start with boots and 3 health pots always vs almost everyone. Ryze has the worst range of all ranged mid APs and winds up dodging a LOT of skillshots and has a hard time getting in range to use his own spells. Then you do get in range, and here comes OP Lee to gank you. Boots is way more effective for dealing with this problem over a sapphire crystal.
Even if vs a shortrange dude like Fizz, I'd still rather have the mobility to avoid his charge and stay at long range to poke at him.

After that you will choose between a Tear and a Catalyst, depending on your gold. You wanna charge the tear ASAP but you really won't be spamming spells vs most mids anyways. Catalyst makes you harder to kill and gives you HEALTH regen as well as mana, which is really nice.

You will then get whichever you didn't get before. So boots, tear, catalyst. You can consider sorc shoes depending on your need for mobility and their MR and how many spells you are able to land.

From here you want to take items that give you Health, Mana, and resists, and CDR.

That catalyst can turn into a Rod of Ages which is a fantastic item on Ryze nowdays after nerfs and reworks. Especially since you won't be able to use extended comboes anyways, so rushing CDR just isn't as important as it used to be. You will still be using a Q,W,E,Q when they are in range which doesnt need much CDR.

Banshees Veil is your other primary item, adding more mana, health, and MR, plus the spell shield. In some cases you might upgrade catalyst to Veil, esp vs a foe like say Lux who tries to land 1 snare shot then dogpiles damage onto you. A 45sec shield can really keep that from happening.
In any case you want a Banshees.

Frozen Heart is your main armor item, making you really tough, giving 20% CDR (with your 10% and 8.1% from 21 defense you are maxed!), and a big chunk of mana for offense. Shroud gives you much of the benefit for only 1500g. Upgrade to heart as needed.

Sorc Shoes
Frozen Heart
Rod of Ages

You have lots of health, maxed CDR, high offense, high armor/MR. Your choices are:

a) Abyssal scepter vs heavy Magic dmg. (not as good as before due to nerfed range of its MPen effect)
b) Void Staff vs heavy MR. (remember you have a good 50pts of FLAT pen with your rune,boots,E).
c) Archmages staff - At about 2k mana pool this is a cost-effective offensive upgrade, costing 1800g and adding 110 AP and 50 extra mana.
d) MOAR archmages - at 3k mana pool, this is cost effective to buy a second AA.