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I have to post this for my college class - Feedback please

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For one of my classes I have to post on here some of my interface for a game interface we are developing. I'm not going to release any details about the actual game, they're all MINEEE haha but for the assignment I have to post about three specific functions or simulation interface so here it is I guess -_-

Party interface:
In my game, you have a group of people, the main characters and side characters you pick up along the way, and choose 6 people for your group at a time (while there are MANY companions to acquire, all individual and with unique play styles). You have the health bars on top of their heads as well as to the left of the screen you can see all other information about them. Health, Mana/energy/etc., status, casting bars, protrait (which can be disabled for space), as well as any pets or people following that individual. This whole interface can be hidden as well.

The typical W, A, S, D, for movement, as well as tapping those buttons to side-step or roll, space to jump, special abilities and such on the number keys 1,2,3,4,5, as well as left clicking to attack, right clicking to defend, and also ultimate abilties that can be used by clicking and holding both mouse buttons, then releasing them upon charging the skill. The player is vulnerable at this point, as they cannot defend, attack, or move without canceling the charge, so use your companion character wisely! (they each have an ultimate ability as well that is unlocked either through finishing their story quest line [for more prominent companion characters] or through them using their abilities. Q and E are for switching between companion characters. Also you can use any character once you obtain them as your main, or just play them all if your quick!

Kingdom Management/War:
This interface is only available once you defeat the main story line for the first Kingdom and obtain your first kingdom. You can use this interface by entering your war chambers in your castle (wherever they may be depending on which castle is your main hold, which is changeable and customizable), and interacting with the battle plans by pressing the interact key 'f". Once in it you can change taxes, enemies, allies, laws, productions, and much more. From this interface you can initiate war with other countries and either play on the battle field as yourself and your companions, or enter the RTS mode and manage your troops and lead them to victory!

oops I think shared too much =x

Anyways, feedback would be cool, since thats the point of the assignment haha, thanks all! Have a good one!


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It sounds like it would have tons of replayability, which is pretty huge for games like that in my opinion. I really like the idea of adding a type of "manager mode" once you take over a kingdom as well. Although, on the flip-side to that, I can see that turning the "I need to smash faces NOW" demographic off from it.

The combat system sounds like it is very timing based, which would give the game easy to learn but hard to master mechanics. I think that's pretty important to keep people interested and to feel challenged. If you could keep that feel all of the way through the different aspects of the game, I think it would be pretty sweet!

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If I'm reading this correctly, it sounds like you have to walk your character to the war room in a captured castle to manage your kingdom, which seems incredibly tedious. If I have to manage taxes, I don't want to have to walk all the way back to my castle from the front lines. You need to be able to either quick travel to the castle or have all the domestic tasks of alliances, productivity, etc., be accessible from anywhere.

Also, having unique companions with "individual play styles" doesn't really work too well with a click-to-attack combat style. You will only ever be directly controlling one unit at a time, and I'm not going to feel much incentive to control a character other than my main character--the one I created/is driving the story.