Summoners' Code going down the drain

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If you are a pirate you'd understand they're not really a code, merely guidelines.

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guidelines or not, RIOT failed terribly at giving it a point to exist....Summoners' Code seems like something RIOT made up and then dumped aside

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Originally Posted by HulkingBrute View Post
I literally just got out of a game where, 40 minutes in.

Karthas has an archangels and a zhonyas, with 1 health potion.
Nasus built his sheen into a lichbane despite having no AP.
Swain built that hextech gunblade

None of them did anything during team fights except get ROLLED BY JAX 1V3
Seriously, I have sona/ez/poppy tied up with my ult and slows, and jax is in the middle of bot river going JACKIE-MOTHER****ING-LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER-CHAN ON MY TEAM
2:00 skip

No one is buying wards, no one even spoke mother ****ing english, it was ESL and SCABS all game.

edit: lost in the rage, There is no WAY anyone could make it out of that game without madface.jpg
The summoners code died when the response to Minows to Sharks became 4 level 12's telling you they know how to build AD eve.
Man that video brings me back. Those were the days back when Jackie Chan's movies weren't utter ****.