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Suggestion: Make Alters "Gold Per 5" bonus to help supports/slow farm champs

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Twily Sparkle

Junior Member


I've played quite a bit of the new TT and one thing I've noticed is it favors champs that can quickly farm an entire minion wave, leave lane and go gank, go back and do it all over again. I rarely see last-hit lanes because of how easy it is to gank them. With the alters +gold for minion kills, it's incredibly important to have high cs and slow farmers are easily chased out of lanes by constant easy gank pressure. Also playing support/gp5 champs that don't farm at all don't seam to scale well enough to make them competitive at around 20-30 minutes (about when "late game" starts in TT)

I think if alters gave a Gold Per 5 effect for the entire team, slow farmers and late-game supports would scale better over the course of the game.

What do you all think would be an appropriate Gold Over Time rate?

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Changing the altar to GP/5 would make the game more passive, as the incentive would be to play safer and play for ganks rather than farm. As it is, a team with an altar or two needs to kill minions to be most effective and may be tempted into stealing some jungle, which opens up interesting possibilities for counterplay.

I find that three champions have more clearing ability than the map provides unless they invade. This drives a lot of the map's dynamics, as both sides want to steal farm from the other, but make themselves more vulnerable by doing so (this is a huge part of why Riot had to remove wards). Champions with the qualities that make a good support or (in the current implementation) jungler can be a great asset to the team by allowing others to take some of their farm while maximizing their ability to contribute without having great farm. Having three champions on the same team that all need super farm is probably flawed.

To be more specific, the most important aspect of a good support champion right now is having abilities that let them influence fights and be effective even if they are underfarmed. This usually means utility, since items tend to make the numbers get bigger, but have much less (or no effect at all) on utility skills. Blitzcrank is a good example; he's got 1.0 AP ratios on his grab and ult, but even without a single item, he can still be an incredible asset to his team with his grab, knockup, and silence. Janna is a similar example. A team with a caster, a bruiser, and a support-y type can split the available farm more efficiently than a team featuring, oh, say, Vayne, Yi, and Jax.