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Tribunal needs some changes.

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I read your Tribunal cases. You deserve it. Frankly, you're immature, rude and obnoxious. First off, there's etiquette to be followed when choosing champs and where they're going to play. Being an idiot in champ selection, however (ie. "I always play mid.&quot is not really bannable, but it is obnoxious. Either way, you start the game off showing that you're not going to cooperate with the team or be a good sport, and then you follow that up by talking trash to your team and ridiculing them.

This, hopefully, will be a good lesson for you and you can come back to the game with a better attitude. Fact is that it's a team game and the team isn't always going to play according to what YOU want. You need to be prepared to cooperate, otherwise you should play something else.