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The Twisted Nipple -.-

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Capt Chronic420



I have been playing league of legends for a very long time, over 3000 wins and probably over 2500 wins on The Twisted Treeline.... not the The Twisted Treeline! (twisted nipple)...

I mean yeah the map is kind of cool... but please go into depth with it, just adding alters making it impossible for anyone to play ashe, or any squishy characters due to the fact that it is to reliant on early game battles and IF YOU ARE NOT BEEFY YOU WILL NOT WIN.

I hate to troll but cmon riot, do me a favor.... name the map twisted nipple and most importantly... BRING BACK THE TREELINE

thx riot you guys rock and i love you all. do the right thing

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Senior Member


I love Ashe on new 3's. I just went legendary with her 2 games ago, against a Darius, an ez, and a singed so... It's possible. Just don't Afk on the altar.

Plus on a map with no wards her hawk shot is crazy fun.