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Suggestions for the New Twisted Treeline [Map Tweaks]

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Xeranis Azourael




There should be some sort of visual indicator on the steps of the Summoning Platforms, to show where the laser will start to shoot you.
Like, maybe paint a yellow line, or something.
[Non-issue for Summoner's Rift, since getting on the steps automatically gets you shot.
With TT, you can go about halfway on the steps before getting shot, but it's complete guesswork on how far you can go.]

Also, instead of 2 Altars for either team & 1 Speed Shrine in the middle,
have 2 Speed Shrines for either team (for better mobility between lanes) & 1 Greater Altar at the center, that both teams could fight over.
(And the buff gained from it could help take on Vilemaw.)
Maybe open up a middle entrance/exit in the jungle wall at top lane, above where the Greater Altar would be (where the Speed Shrine currently is).
The Greater Altar could stay locked until the majority of either team reaches level 3.

The Greater Altar doesn't even have to be at the very center of the map; it can be in the middle at bottom lane, directly opposite from Vilemaw.
And there could be a path leading from the Greater Altar at bottom lane, straight up the middle, to Vilemaw (i.e. the river on Summoner's Rift).
For Vilemaw, instead of the 2 entrances/exits on either side, have 1 bigger entrance/exit in the middle.

Other than that, everything else seems fine as is.
And whoever set up the jungle paths, and entrance/exits, did an excellent job knowing where/how to place them. (they thought like a hunter =D )